Vehicle Batteries

autoWhen your vehicle needs a battery where do you go for help? Many times, if you take your vehicle to a mechanic to run tests and you decide not to buy a new battery at that time, you end up with a testing fee. You never have to worry about that at Battery Power. We test all vehicles thoroughly to best ensure that the battery is actually the problem and we do it for free.

Furthermore, there’s a misconception that discount stores and auto parts stores are the least expensive alternative to the dealers. In actuality, Battery Power stocks batteries for most vehicles that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications and at one of the lowest prices around. And, our price includes installation if you need it.

Our battery warranties are some of the best in the nation because Battery Power stocks only replacement batteries that are of the highest quality. So, it’s easy to offer a great warranty since we hardly ever see anyone requiring a return or replacement.

Battery Power stocks batteries for most any kind of vehicle. No matter which kind of vehicle you need a battery for, you can do yourself a favor and call Battery Power first.


No matter which make or model of automobile you own, we most likely will have the perfect replacement battery for you. When you give us the opportunity to serve you, we do it with class. You’re not going to just get a battery replacement, we will also test your vehicle’s electrical system, clean and tighten terminals and do everything we can to best ensure that you won’t have similar problems for a long time in the future. Our technicians know electrical systems and understand the best methods to create the most effective system for your car, truck, SUV or van.

If your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, installing one of our batteries will not void the warranty. In fact, if, when we test your vehicle we find that the battery died because of external problems such as an alternator, starter, faulty cables/terminals, etc. we could actually help maintain your warranty by letting you know one of these items requires replacement.

We also have batteries for your auto accessories such as keyless entry systems and garage door openers. One stop; all your solutions under one roof.


There aren’t many places that has a bay that can handle your RV but Battery Power does. We have all of the testing systems necessary to find any electrical problem that you might be having and we can do it inside our bay. Our technicians have vast experience with recreation vehicles and can diagnose even the hardest electrical problem. And, we stock a large selection of heavy-duty batteries necessary for RVs.


boatAlthough marine batteries look similar to batteries in cars, we know there is a very big difference. Getting your marine battery properly tested, recharged or replaced is oftentimes simply taking it to someone who knows their way around these vehicles.

Battery Power’s technicians are very experienced technicians when it comes to most all makes, models and years of boats and other forms of watercraft. Know that you and your family will be safe when you use Battery Power. Our thorough diagnostic approach to troubleshooting a problem properly will comfort you that your marine battery was the best your money can buy and backed with one of the top warranties available. We know there’s nothing worse than to plan a day on the water only to find you can’t get your vehicle started or, even worse, get trapped with a dead battery away from the marina.


Off-roading is one of America’s favorite pastimes when it comes to vehicles (along with boating). And, just like boating, it can really spoil a day when you get ready to have some fun and your vehicle has different ideas. Breakdowns are something that can’t always be avoided but a great battery can give you the peace of mind that you won’t need to be worried about a battery getting in the way of your fun.

We stock a full line of ATV batteries so you can get back off the road as fast as you can.

Contact Battery Power today and see how impressive our services are and how low our prices are. We know you will be impressed.