MUCH More Than Just Batteries

on-site-techsBattery Power is not just a place where you can buy batteries. Our services are what separate us from any of our competition.

Of course, we inventory one of the largest selections of batteries available – for most anything that’s battery-powered – but we also offer additional services that will help make sure you only purchase a new battery only if you really need one.

Testing batteries is more than just connecting a battery to a volt meter to see if it is putting out the right voltage. It’s also important to ensure that the battery works well under a load. In layman’s terms, that means, when your battery is actually powering the device it’s connected to, will it deliver the voltage properly and for the length of time necessary.

Battery Power employees have the expertise and experience that can help make these decisions with you along with the correct equipment to use in order to effectively diagnose problems.


Along with a well-stocked showroom, our facility contains work areas designed to efficiently work on projects both large and small.

Our vehicle bay can handle vehicles from scooters to RVs. We have the chargers here to enable us to properly charge any battery right inside the vehicle; however, if it is necessary to remove the battery, because of a defect or to get a closer look, our trained technicians are more than capable.

Battery Power also has a tech bench for the smaller jobs. Do you need a battery pack, UPS system or even a home-made battery source tested or repaired? That’s not a problem. We repair all sorts of small to medium battery clusters and can just replace the defective component. There’s no reason to buy a whole new piece if it’s only one part that’s failed.


Off-Site & Emergencies

If your situation dictates that someone come to you, we do that too. Our vans are outfitted to be able to help in any situation, no matter whether you are stranded on the side of the road or just can’t seem to find the time to get out of your garage.

We respond to requests for service in a timely fashion and will do our very best to fix your problem the first time out. If, by chance, we have to make a second trip because of something our fault, you will never be charged.

If you don’t know whether your situation is one that you should call, we recommend that you do. There’s never a charge for our expert advice.

Call us at 352.314.9001 or come in. You’ll be glad you did.