In-House Services


battery-repairSometimes it’s difficult to determine whether your batteries are bad or whether something else is causing your battery to drain. Bring any type of battery to Battery Power and our technicians will check it thoroughly and let you know its condition free of charge. It’s just one more way that we go above and beyond for our customers.

At Battery Power, we have an automotive bay for battery diagnostics, charging and replacement; for full-service golf cart battery replacement and charging, lawn equipment, water vehicles and RV battery replacement.

We also carry and install a full line of motorcycle batteries as well as batteries for boats and other watercraft.


If you need help with your wheelchair or scooter battery, we can help there too. A thorough diagnostic can determine whether the battery isĀ  bad or simply needs charged. We can replace or charge your battery right in our facility and at a price that will make you smile.

A Universal Power System (UPS) is an important element to your computer system. A correctly working UPS can save your computer system in the event of a storm or a power outage. Since the batteries in these units sit for long periods without being used, they tend to go bad over time. Instead of throwing away the entire UPS, the battery can just be replaced, saving you a lot of money. Don’t let Mother Nature destroy a perfectly good computer and all of the information stored on it. Battery Power carries the right batteries and can install them on your UPS system quickly and inexpensively.

Batteries for cordless power tools are also relatively expensive to replace; however, Battery Power has qualified technicians on staff ready to repair and/or replace cordless tool batteries and batteries in other battery operated equipment. Many times these battery packs can be repaired for a fraction of the price of buying a new one. Bring your battery pack in and let us test it and well tell you whether we are able to fix it and provide you an estimate before we start.


  • FREE battery performance check
  • Automotive bay for battery and charging diagnostics
  • Mobility wheelchair or scooter battery and charger replacement
  • Golf Cart battery replacement, charger repair full service available
  • RV battery replacement
  • Computer UPS backup battery replacement
  • Technician to repair and replace cordless tool batteries and other battery operated equipment
  • Charger installation on board marine

Bring your battery by itself or sill inside whatever it is operating. We will be glad to test it and help in any way we can.